/Lucky Soul: A Coming Of Age (Album)

Lucky Soul: A Coming Of Age (Album)

Lucky Soul are a six piece band, featuring vocals, keys, drums, percussion, and lead/rhythm guitars in their line-up. Their second album, ‘A Coming Of Age’, has already won praise from some topflight press, but now it’s time to put it under the music.co.uk radar, and see if we think vocalist Ali Howard and the band will be ‘Lucky Souls’ and find success with this release.

First impressions would mark this out as a good spring/summer record, with its bright and refreshing pop melodies, soaring strings, and chilled out vibe. There are elements of the deep American South, Country, Folk, and Soul in the music, coupled with some strong pop hooks that are easy to remember, and hum along to. Although there could be some more variety in the vocal arrangements, Ali Howard’s voice is also deserving of praise. I found it interesting how it alternated between quirky, and pure pop in tone and style. That said, I think the backing vocals on the whole album should be marked out for attention; I found them either lost in the mix or too overpowering. ‘Coming Of Age’ is an enjoyable album to listen to though, and I have noted down some highlights for you to listen out for:

Upon Hilly Fields: A chilled out, reflective ballad, firmly wedged in the country genre. Simple guitar/keys and percussive drums, coupled with descriptive lyrics add to the ambient nature of the song.

Warm Water: One of the best tracks on the album, despite all too frequent repetitions of its title. Really nice melody, and a good balance in the production.

That’s When Trouble Begins: A song with lyrical phrases like “I don’t take things easy, if I can do it the hard way’ that are easy to relate to. The lyrics are layered over a catchy melody, and toe tapping beat.

Ain’t Nothing Like A Shame: One of the most original tracks on the album, with some funky bass, and mid-tempo, slightly old fashioned keyboards. Very well written.

These tracks are just a selection from the 12 that make up the album, so why not check it out for yourself, and choose your favourites. ‘Coming Of Age’ is out now. For more information please visit www.ruffalane.com or www.luckysoul.co.uk.