/New London UK Tour Date for Lady Gaga

New London UK Tour Date for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga fans will be thrilled to hear that the artist has added another date to her UK tour. The gig will be held in Twickenham and this will be the second date that Lady Gaga will perform in London as part of her Born This Way tour.

Tickets for the Twickenham concert will go on sale on Friday.

Last week tickets went on sale for the first two dates of the tour, one date in Manchester and another date in Twickenham. Unsurprisingly these sold out within an instant and many Lady Gaga fans were left unhappy.

The singer has announced that she will hold a second date in Twickenham on September 9th.

The supporting act for all of the gigs will be UK rock band, The Darkness; they have revealed they are very much looking forward to this but they realise it will be a major challenge.

The Darkness have stated they do not have any expectations and they will turn up and enjoy the gig. Many people are surprised that the band has been asked to support Lady Gaga.

The UK music industry continues to support Lady Gaga and she has fast become one of the most respected artists in the country.