/The London Community Gospel Choir Are Simply ‘Glorious’

The London Community Gospel Choir Are Simply ‘Glorious’

One listen to the soaring gospel harmonies coming from the London Community Gospel Choir, and you’ll soon realise why they have been dubbed ‘the nations favourite choir’. Rev Basil Meade founded the choir in 1982, and has since led the choir through CD releases, concerts all over the world, provided backing for many famous singers and bands, and proved to be the choir of choice for well known sporting events. It was this that saw the choir walk out onto the pitch at Twickenham recently, with many other choirs, to celebrate the centenary of England’s first match against Wales at the famous stadium. At this event the choir were singing the National Anthem, Jerusalem, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot, the latter appearing on the new LCGC album.

This album, entitled ‘Glorious’ will be released at Easter time, and features not only unique versions of popular songs, such as Swing Low Sweet Chariot, but a wide range of contemporary anthems, and pop songs. I for one look forward to hearing this release and all I can say to end this piece is: who needs chocolate when you can treat yourself to an inspiring album instead this Easter!

For more information on the London Community Gospel Choir, their workshops, and concert dates, please visit www.lcgc.org.uk.