/Liza Minnelli Awarded Silver Clef

Liza Minnelli Awarded Silver Clef

The veteran US singer Liza Minnelli has been awarded the Icon prize at the Silver Clef awards which were held in central London. The organisers were thanked heavily by Minnelli and she stated that whenever she felt cranky she would place some happy music on and it would help to heal her up.

The former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney was also recognised at the awards ceremony. McCartney was named at the live act of the year and stated that his love for music continued to grow.

Also recognised at the ceremony was Radio One legend Annie Lennox, she is the longest standing DJ at the radio station, se was recognised for her outstanding contribution to UK music.

The lifetime achievement award was presented to Status Quo and this was widely agreed by all.

Meanwhile Liza Mennelli age sixty five stated that she really believed in the Silver Clef project and fully supported the reasons why it was created. She stated that she fully believed in the power of music and the potential for lyrics to heal the mind and soul. She stated that often a lyric can totally change the mind about something and make understanding something completely change.

Liza Mennelli was married to David Gest in 2002, this was her fourth wedding, although they divorced in 2007.

British rapping sensation Tinie Tempah was also recognised at the awards, his popularity continues to grow to a massive extent. He was awarded the best newcomer award and stated that it was a very nice start to the day, he then revealed he would his day with a bang when he performed at the Wireless Festival located in Hyde Park. The rapper who has also been awarded two Brit Awards stated that his kitchen table was becoming full with awards as he was yet to find some space to put them in.

Sir Paul McCartney was unable to attend the awards ceremony but revealed that the award was phenomenal news, the award which he did receive was decided by a public vote.