/Lily Allen to Return?

Lily Allen to Return?

It was only a few years ago when the popular music artist Lily Allen announced she was leaving the music industry in order to live a ‘normal’ life. After the becoming one of the most popular music artists in the UK many fans were left disappointed when she left the industry. Although recent revelations in her personal and business life have started suggestions that Allen may be returning to the music industry in the near future. There is little doubt that if the artist does choose to return that she will not be short of offers from record companies, in fact in 2010 she started her own record label.

In 2009 the artist announced that she could no longer deal the fame that the music industry brought with it. After numerous personal issues and press mania surrounding her the artist decided that she would leave the industry and focus on having a family.

Allen entered a business venture with her sister which was a designer boutique located in London. The business would rent out designer clothes to people, this business model was questioned by many people but the owners decided to go ahead. Just last week the business had to stop renting its prime location store close to Covent Gardens. The business is now apparently looking for a new location after failing to turn a profit. It is rumoured that Allen has ploughed a large amount of money into the business and that she may now have to re-enter the music industry in order to recoup some of the money she has spent on the business.

When Lily Allen was in the music industry she released numerous songs which are very popular still today. Allen brought a new type of music to the industry and her catchy lyrics were able to capture the attention of music fans. Her fans believe she would be welcomed with open arms back to the music industry and that her recent personal life developments would be ideal for her to use in order to create new material.