/Lily Allen to Return to Music Industry

Lily Allen to Return to Music Industry

Lily Allen made a dramatic exit from the music world several years ago and announced that she was fed up of being famous. The music star who had millions of fans and was one the rising UK music artists quite the music industry to start a family and to pursue other business interests.

It will now come as a major shock to many people that the artist has announced that she is returning to the music industry. At present Lily Allen is working in the studios to produce a new album.

The singer quit the music industry in 2009 but now she is back in the studio working with US songwriter Greg Kurstin; the same person who she worked with on her hit single The Fear.

Allen has attempted to keep herself out of the public eye after marrying last year and also after giving birth to their first daughter Ethel.

When the singer quit the music industry it was certainly not expected that she would return. Although it is believed that her recent work for the Bridget Jones musical has encouraged her to return to the music industry.

Since the last release by the singer much has happened in her life and therefore the music that will be released by the artist will be significantly different. It is expected that the artist will release music that is much more mature.

Current reports that the new album from Lily Allen will be ready for release in early next year.