/The Lights: Low Hundreds (Single/Video)

The Lights: Low Hundreds (Single/Video)

There seems to be something of a D.I.Y trend going on in the video industry at the moment, which has meant an influx of quirky, interesting, novelty, accompaniments to songs appearing on youtube. The latest band to embrace this trend is The Lights, an act from Birmingham, who have won me over with their video for ‘Low Hundreds’.

‘Low Hundred’s is a chilled indie/pop/folk fusion that’s really easy to listen to, has a strong melody, and nice vocal tones/harmonies from the singing members of the group. That said, it was a little uncomfortable watching the performance shots, with the band squashed into a tiny little room, quite lazily singing along to the song, and I would’ve liked to have heard more definition between the verse/chorus. It’s a strong track though, and I enjoyed watching the video as well. I won’t give too much away, but the tale involves a robot couple, love, separation, and a happy ending. It’s creative, interesting, and yes completely daft. But it works, and will hopefully serve as a good promotional tool for the band, and their song. I for one, look forward to seeing, and hearing what they do next.

‘Low Hundreds’ is out now on Crash Records. For more information on the band, please visit http://www.myspace.com/lightsmusic.