/“The Library Suits In Sofa Shocker”

“The Library Suits In Sofa Shocker”



Now just what have those pesky Library Suits boys been up to lately? Sadly I don’t have any tales of sofa shenanigans to share with you all, but no doubt there was a bit of a smell in the air as Rich, Matt, Jon and Paul, lived and breathed each other in a Welsh recording studio recently. Whether that was the faint smell of success or not, only time will tell, but while we await the arrival of their new album, I do have my first Library Suits experience to share with you all.


Now, as a busy bee and pop fan, my live music experiences have been limited of late to radio road shows at various events. On the 6th June however, I decided to bravely venture into Barhouse, a newish venue for live music in Chelmsford, to check out the all day music event they had on. There was an indoor rock stage and outdoor acoustic area, both with very different vibes, but a seamless transition between both, meaning everyone could enjoy all the acts. The music indoors wasn’t entirely my thing I have to be honest, very loud it was too, but the outdoor acoustic performances were another matter altogether. There was a relaxed vibe, and everyone seemed to enjoy the performances, including those from the last act on The Library Suits.



This was the band I’d been waiting for. It was the one act I’d heard of (thanks to myspace) so I was looking forward to checking them out. I was very impressed! For a band that haven’t performed acoustically for a while, or sung this particular set for a while they did really well. I can’t remember the finer details of their set list, but I do remember what went through my head: “they can sing”, “great melodies”, “catchy songs”. I left with a smile, and a note in my hand to check out their gig dates, from which I hope to bring you better pictures, and more reviews in the future. In the meantime, I hope this has been enough to tempt you to check them out for yourselves at www.myspace.com/thelibrarysuits.