/The Libertines to Reform?

The Libertines to Reform?

To the disappointment of many of their fans The Libertines split in 2004 and despite many rumours over several years about the band reuniting they never have, but now band members have revealed they do plan to reform. Regarded by many as one of the best ever live rock acts the band are expected to reform in time for next summer where they are anticipated to perform at numerous festivals. It has not been revealed whether the band will focus on old material or whether they will release new material.

Sources close to the band have revealed than band members Pete Doherty and Carl Barat plan to reform the band for a full UK and European tour. The band first formed in 1997 and they instantly became a hit among rock music fans. Although in 2004 the band had no choice to split due to band member Pete Doherty developing a serious heroin addiction. Ever since this point Doherty has been in and out of court due to drug related offences. Many music industry experts questions whether Doherty will be able to turn clean before the band intend to host this tour.

The last time the band did reform it is believed that each band member was paid a tidy sum of £1.5 million.

Only recently Pete Doherty was released from prison after serving a twelve weeks sentence for the possession of cocaine. He also has a hearing pending which relates to him breaking into a shop and stealing a guitar, a sentence of up to five years could be given for this offence. If truth is told about the artist the real reason he is currently famous is due to his major drug addiction rather than the fantastic music that he once created and performed.

Apparently reforming the band is now the top priority for Pete Doherty and he hopes that the band can perform at numerous major festivals in 2012. He hopes that a focus on music will help to cure his drug addiction. It was only last year when the band did reform but that was very short lived, at the time Carl Barat had suggested that this was the last time the band would perform together, although it now appears this has potentially changed.