/Liam Gallagher to Sue Brother

Liam Gallagher to Sue Brother

The bitter rivalry between the Gallagher brothers has recently reached new heights when it was announced that Liam would sue his brother Noel. The feud been the brothers and Oasis front men has continued for several years. A case has been opened by thirty eight years old Liam against forty four year old Noel after he claimed an Oasis concert had to axed due to Noel being too hangover to perform.

Liam Gallagher has stated that this has impacted upon his professionalism and that he feels he is now in a position to sue his brother. An official apology has already been demanded through Carter-Ruck lawyers. Failure to provide this apology has resulted in further action being taken, Liam now plans to take the case to the High Court. This current feud is just an extension of the constant arguments which occur between the two brothers.

The brothers have had constant arguments every since the Oasis band split in 2009. One of the best known bands in the world they have had top selling hits including Roll With It and Wonderwall.

This legal battle was started after Noel Gallagher claimed that Liam was hangover when the performance at V Festival in Essex in 2009 was cancelled. Liam rejects this profoundly and states that it was his brother who was hangover. In reality the official claim was that Liam was also suffering from laryngitis.

The brothers have always stepped away from discussions about why the band has split, although Noel has recently revealed all. Noel suggested that one of the main reasons for the split was due to Liam wanting to promote his clothing label Pretty Green in the merchandise for the bands tour. Noel felt that Liam should be focusing on the music rather than his other business ventures.

Liam Gallagher is rejecting all of the claims which have been made by Noel in relation to the cancelled gig and the band splitting.

Noel will now have to make an official response to the High Court letter which he will have received. Apparently Liam has had no choice but to take this action.

The brothers have now both gone their own ways, Noel is a solo artist and Liam has his own band, Beady Eye.