/I See You: Leona Lewis (Video)

I See You: Leona Lewis (Video)

It’s the movie everyone is talking about, and for those, who, like me, haven’t seen Avatar yet, I can at least guarantee that this video will make you want to head down the cinema pronto.

‘I See You’ is the title song from the film, which is performed by X-Factor winner Leona Lewis, whose performance is interspersed with scenes from the film. The music is composed by the legend that is James Horner, and if you’ve heard his amazing score to Titanic, then you’ll recognise his style here. The music has a slightly mystical feel, with a percussive edge in places. The orchestral arrangements build up more towards the end, and are well matched to the movie clips that appear in the video. The music soars nicely when the film characters are flying for example.

Package the music, film clips, and lyrics together, and you have a video that is entirely captivating, though for me the vocal gets lost in mix. Don’t get me wrong, Leona does have a good voice, but for me, it lacks variety in depth and tone, and I just got the feeling I’d heard it all before, from her, and from other artists like Mariah Carey. I was expecting a bit more from the vocal, but apart from that, I really enjoyed watching the video, and listening to the song. I think I need to go and watch the film and listen to the rest of the score now!

Avatar: Music From The Motion Picture is available now from all the usual outlets. Also look out for the Golden Globe winning film at other award ceremonies! Oscars anyone?