/Leona Lewis Third Album

Leona Lewis Third Album

The popular X Factor sensation Leona Lewis has revealed what the inspiration for her new album is. Leona is currently working on her third album and the lyrics have been created after she split up from her ex-boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa.

Leona is working on the album with numerous other acts within the music industry including the DJ David Guetta. Such a collaboration is leading fans to believe that the type of music featured on the album may be different from her usual releases. The album is also being worked on by the music producer Rico Lowe, he has previously worked with Beyonce on her recent album .

It is believed that one of the tracks which will feature on the new album from Leona Lewis will be named Trouble; this has been created by the songwriter Emeli Sande. This song will feature lyrics which are all about the break up which Leona has gone through and also develops her ideas of moving on after the break up.

This is expected to be quite an emotional album, especially due to it being dedicated to the break up from her partner. Leona was with her ex-boyfriend Lou for over ten years and it has been publicized in the press that they ended on bad terms. The album Leona believes will help show people that instances in life such as break ups make you stronger.

This album is expected to be just as big as the previous two albums which the X Factor winner has released. Spokespeople from her record label have stated that Leona is putting all of her emotion into the album to ensure it is the best she has ever released.

The spokesperson continued by stating that the music on offer would be slightly different from what is usually expected of Leona. The record label stated that the album was required to be daring and innovative to ensure that it fitted in with the current UK music scene.

Her previous two albums Echo and Spirit featured subtle and contemporary sounds which would not seem relevant in todays music charts, even though both albums feature numerous hit singles.

Both of her previous albums have reached the top of the charts and therefore a move away from her usual music presents a significant risk for Leona and the record company.