/Leona Lewis Accusation

Leona Lewis Accusation

The British singer Leona Lewis is facing an unusual accusation, an up and coming DJ is suggesting that Leona has plagiarised her new song Collide. This is a shocking accusation and the management of Leona Lewis have vowed to fight off any negative press or media which surrounds the song or the artist.

Leona released this dance track on the UK radio on Friday 15th July and the music industry have commented on this song in a positive fashion. This track is the first single which the artist has released in a while, her last single was released early in 2010 and was named I Got You.

The artist now faces a lengthy legal battle and it is not against a small company, the record label Ministry of Sound Records has started the legal battle. The company have insisted that the track which Lewis has released is a rip-off of a song called Penguin. Ministry of Sound Records suggest that the young producer DJ Avicil has had his track taken and reproduced, his track has proven to be quite instrumental within the clubbing scene.

The executives of the record label have made numerous demands to the bosses of Leona Lewis’ record label. She is currently signed to the Syco label which is owned by popular music mogul Simon Cowell. It is believed that one of these demands is that they pull the track from the radio, they are also believed to be attempting to stop the record being released.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Sound stated that the track released by Lewis is clearly identical to the track released by DJ Avicil. The DJ is understandably upset as he has been working on the record for over a year.

A legal letter has been sent to Simon Cowell and the lawyers for the Ministry of Sound have begun legal proceedings against the Syco label. Although a spokesperson for the Syco label has stated that there is not a legal issue and that there is not a case to fight.