/Leddra Chapman: Story (Single)

Leddra Chapman: Story (Single)

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Of one thing there can be no doubt, Leddra Chapman’s star is rising, and it’s an absolute joy to watch. This singer-songwriter from Essex releases her debut single ‘Story’ soon, which by all accounts is a promising start to her recording career.

‘Story’ has a quaint, slightly old fashioned feel to the music that you can’t help but smile at. The string and brass arrangements remind me of the Elizabethan era. All very English and delightful. The lyrics tell an interesting story of love, and are brought to life with a distinctive folk vocal. I could easily sway and sing along to this at a gig, or curl up on a winters day with a hot drink and put this on as a ‘comfort song’.

The video to accompany this single is now available on You Tube, and makes for interesting viewing. It was filmed in France at the Quiksilver house in Hossegor and features Anna in the house, woods, armed with a Polaroid camera, capturing shots to represent the ‘Story’. This is a video that has exactly the right feel to it, it’s relaxed and natural and hasn’t been overdone. There are some interesting scenes, such as one with paper aeroplanes to represent certain lyrics. As a package, both the video and song fit together well, and are a good introduction to Leddra Chapman, and her forthcoming album ‘Telling Tales’. This is a young lady with sparkle, soul, and a gift for captivating melodies, which I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

‘Story’ is released on November 16th, followed by the album on December 28th. For more information visit www.myspace.com/leddrachapman.