/Laroca: Unit 125 E.P.

Laroca: Unit 125 E.P.

Unit 125 is the second single to be taken from Laroca’s album ‘Valley Of The Bears’, which was released in June this year. The CD is something of a puzzle, as it’s titled an E.P. which for me would suggest more than one song, not six different versions of the same track. Anyway, that’s what Laroca have released to the market, and the said remixes come courtesy of Aaron Jerome, Bangatang, Harvey K’Tel, and the Brassic Pariah Network.

Unit 125 is a very ambient track, very much in the style of French lounge music. There are occasional, though somewhat lazy lyrics, and the signature trumpets/choppy bass lines that they have built their sound around. At first it’s hard to distinguish many differences between the remixes, but there are subtle reference points. Bangatang have opted for a heavier Hip Hop feel to their remix, while Harvey K’Tel highlights the flute arrangements, and other tracks use more guitars.

It’s a song that would be right at home on a chill out compilation, or spun at a late night club, but it’s not one I would class as ‘exotic’ or ‘uplifting’ as per their press blurb. I can hear the variety of influences in their live/electronica sound which does initially hold interest, but it would have been nice to hear them do something a bit more with them, and include some other tracks on the E.P.

Laroca’s Unit 125 E.P. is available now, visit www.myspace.com/larocauk for more information on this, and Rob/Olly who make up the duo.