/Labrinth and Tempah to Work Together Again

Labrinth and Tempah to Work Together Again

Music fans across the UK will be pleased to hear that Labrinth will work with Tinie Tempah again. The UK artist has shot to fame in recent times and he has become one of the most influential individuals in the UK music industry.

Labrinth was a talent who was spotted by Simon Cowell and he is currently signed to the Syco record label. As well as being a talented artist the individual is also a major producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The artist has now revealed that him and Tinie Tempah do now plan to work together again; their previous work was highly popular.
Many people recognise the fantastic talents of Labrinth after he produced Tempah’s major single, Pass Out. Labrinth was also the producer of the single Frisky from the debut album of Tempah, Disc-Overy.

The artist plans to continue focusing on both producing and creating his music.

The UK music industry has responded well to Labrinth, with him now being recognised as one of the biggest emerging talents in the UK.