/Kings of Leon Cancel Tour

Kings of Leon Cancel Tour

They have become one of the most famous and popular bands in the world but now it seems that trouble may be ahead for the Kings of Leon. The band have announced that they will be cancelling their United States tour and they may extend this to their UK tour. The band claim that the tour has been cancelled due to the singer Caleb Followill suffering from exhaustion and vocal problems.

This announcement has been made in order to squash rumours that there is a rift in the band, many fans are understood to be worried that there is a problem in the group. In recent times the band has had massive success all over the world, with the band performing in numerous different arenas and having great success in the charts across the world.

The band have cancelled the tour just days after the singer Followill walked off the stage mid way through a show in Dallas. It is believed that the singer had repeatedly complained about the heat and that his voice was suffering. The singer stated that his voice had 100% gone.

Although despite this other members of the bands have suggested that the problem goes much deeper and that the singer did not just walk off due to dehydration. The statement which was released apparently did not cover all of the issues.

One member of the family band revealed that the band has underlying internal sicknesses and problems. Rumours suggest that the tour has been cancelled so that the family members can bond and focus on their future.

Music industry experts suggest that the band are not as close as many people think. The band remain very silent on how they get along and it is being suggested that they are going through a very difficult period.

Performances of late have been criticised, the band were heavily criticised about the show last year in Hyde Park. Fans claim that their live performances do not really match the success which they have achieved within charts and across the world.