/The King Blues Save The World – Get The Girl

The King Blues Save The World – Get The Girl

Artist: The King Blues
Title: ‘Save The World – Get The Girl’
Released: 16th February

In the early months of 2008 Hackney three-piece, The King Blues, began recording what was to be the follow up to their debut album ‘Under The Fog’. A band inspired by the reggae aspects and political charge of The Clash, along with other bands such as The Specials and Operation Ivy to name a few, they seem to have a genuine punk ethic to their credentials. This isn’t just about swearing on TV. (ooh how big and clever!) or making a noise that unites crowds to become one giant organism; The King Blues are the real deal and aren’t afraid to let everyone know about it.

‘Save The World – Get The Girl’ is a single from their second album of the same name released in October ’08. It’s easy to like this because it’s not some agenda being rammed down your throat, if anything it’s a great place to start if this kind of band floats your boat. And with lyrics like “…And going to war, to prevent war, was the most stupidest thing I ever heard…” making it a funny, quirky track that eases you into their political state of mind.

The band supported this release with a UK tour in partnership with the Big Issue with free entry to anyone with a copy of that weeks magazine. They broke Status Quo’s record by playing seven gigs in as many towns in a single day and they’re also no stranger to playing places you really shouldn’t (Downing Street, Canary Wharf and Westminster).

They’re clearly aware of how they don’t fit in with the status quo, lead vocalist Johnny ‘Itch’ Fox singing “…so I’ll say my prayers and go to bed/and wake up with a horses head.” Like bands before them, what they hope to draw attention to (which, going through the lyric sheets on their website, could be any number of causes) does not sit right with the people in charge, but it’s a voice the masses will welcome with open arms.

I expect the highlight of their career so far would be the support slot they played to Hard-Fi at Wembley Arena in December ’07. A grand step up considering the first time they played there was in the car park.

Supporters and followers of ‘political’ bands like Rage Against The Machine get caught up in the energy of the music and even though there isn’t a “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” to be seen, heard or possibly in the pipeline for The King Blues, it gets the same message across while at the same time putting a smile on your face.

Despite the February ’09 release of this single, it’s also has the feel of a perfect summer anthem and from squat parties to the Houses of Parliament, this is music that has a place in every stereo and on every mp3 player in every corner of the country.

The King Blues tour in the coming months, stopping at the following venues;
21st March ’09  Brighton – The Brighton Centre

17th April ’09    London – Brixton Academy
19th April ’09    Manchester – Manchester Academy
27th April ’09    Sheffield – Sheffield Students Union
28th April ’09    Derby – Derby Students Union
29th April ’09    Uxbridge – Uxbridge Brunel Students Union     T
30th April ’09    Bath – Bath Students Union
1st May ’09       Swansea – Swansea Sin City

3rd May ’09       Hull – Hull University Union
4th May ’09       Guildford – Guildford – Surrey Students’ Union
5th May ’09       Colchester – Colchester – Essex Students’ Union
6th May ’09       Norwich – Norwich – The Waterfront
7th May ’09       High Wycombe – High Wycombe Bucks Students’ Union

8th May ’09       Reading – Reading Students’ Union
9th May ’09       Liverpool – Liverpool Guild of Students
10th May ’09     Preston – Preston – 53 Degrees
11th May ’09     Glasgow – Glasgow Strathclyde Students’ Union
12th May ’09     York – Fibbers
13th May ’09     Warwick Uni – Warwick Uni – The Copper Rooms

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By James Lewis