/Kids Shows, Not so Naff? Yo Gabba Gabba!

Kids Shows, Not so Naff? Yo Gabba Gabba!

It’s hard to say these days, that after you reach the age of 12 and up, that children’s television is even remotely interesting. It’s all so kid friendly, and terribly ‘uncool’

Sure sure, Sesame Street’s going to teach me the basics in life (I learnt about the letter J today!) and Playschool is going to help me have fun with my toys and make cool craft stuff. My ABC Kids video taught me about Newspaper Mama and Eating on a Plane. But i’d never admit that to my friends.

After you reach the age where innocence no longer exists, and you find yourself enjoying watching those late night dirty phone line ads, you’ve obviously outgrown the need for kids television. Late night music videos become the way to go after a big night out when you’re trying to work off the alcohol before you rest your head to avoid a hangover.

There is one show, however; that has caught the attention of not only kids, but adults, both the television and music industry, and indie cult bands across the world.

Yo Gabba Gabba! Is a kids show, featuring DJ Lance Rock, a human with incredible outfits, and a gang of cartoon characters who perform dance and story routines on the show. Airing on the Nickelodeon channels in the states, and the usual government run day-time television channels during the day in the many many other countries it’s run in, the show has gained a stellar amount of attention and has become a cult classic among people who no longer need help standing up from their parents.

The show’s fantastic production values, as well as decently written accompanying music has gained it a Daytime Television Emmy (for production and costume), as well as drawing mass amounts of bands who are dying to play on the show. Season one aired in 2007, and drew the likes of The Salteens, The Aquabats, Frequent Flyer, Tahiti 80, Trembling Blue Stars and a member of Hepcat. Not only these small indie bands with huge cult followings are lining up to be part of this show, but also members of general pop culture, such as Tony Hawk, pro skateboarder.

The second season of the show brought in bigger names such as Jack Black (who infamously dressed up as DJ Lance Rock, an episode worth watching), The Shins, Bird and the Bee, The Ting Tings, Jimmy Eat World, Datarock and Of Montreal. The shows reputation for pushing forward great indie bands, while also giving kids a deeper (and infinitely better) understanding of music is making this show the new ‘it’ kids show.

While at first I would be negligent to admit it: I have to say this show, despite the more kid-orientated segments, does excite me with every new episode. Seeing who plays on each show becomes exciting, as well as hilarious when you watch these bands who, such as Of Montreal (who are notorious for cross dressing), sing songs about friendship, love, good attitudes and helping out your parents!

So next time you’re nursing a hangover, or just extremely bored during a weekday, have a flick around and see if you can catch an episode of this show. Yeah, you might cringe at a segment or two. But ultimately, you’re going to find yourself watching some great music, as well as checking out how the kids of today are probably going to out-rock our generation in the future.