/Kele Le Roc: Retro (Single Review)

Kele Le Roc: Retro (Single Review)


Music.co.uk is pleased to be covering the return of a woman who quite simply puts her heart and soul into her music. Welcome back Kele Le Roc, the passionate urban music star from London, who aims to ‘keep it real’ with the release of her forthcoming single ‘Retro’. 

I was sent this song in video format, so it was an interesting opportunity to comment on both aspects of the release. The video I instantly got caught up in and I think everyone will find the dance routines, and different settings/outfits, a lot of fun. It was certainly well produced and will be a good promotional tool for the song. The track itself has a catchy intro, strong vocals, and a beat that reminds me of the electronica vibes Lady Gaga is currently producing. My personal preference would be soul over Garage sounds, but Retro still grew on me after a few listens, and is one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard for a while. It certainly leaves me wondering about the rest of the album, which I hope to be reviewing in the future. As comebacks go, this one’s got style.

Single released June 27th