/Ke$ha: Your Love Is My Drug (Single)

Ke$ha: Your Love Is My Drug (Single)

Although this is the first time I have covered Ke$ha for music.co.uk, her story is one that’s well known in the music world. She is one of the big breakthrough stories of 2010, and her CV already boasts album sales of one million, and 9 weeks at the top of the US chart. The latest single to be taken from the album ‘Animal’ is ‘Your Love Is My Drug’, which if first impressions are anything to go by, should storm the charts this summer.

I love a bit of accessible commercial dance, and for the most part Ke$ha hits the mark with this track. It’s radio friendly, gig friendly, and full of quirky personality and charm. There is a toned down synth arrangement in the verses, which is built upon with a host of swirling, soaring, electro beats in the bridge and chorus. Layered over this is a common story of a girl falling for the wrong kind, and rebelling against the advice of friends, and family! It’s a story that’s told well, and the addition of quirky little ad-libs like the laughter, and a rather random ending of ‘I like your beard’. My only comment was the lyrics in the chorus got a bit repetitive, but other than that I enjoyed the song. It’s got just the right sort of youthful energy you need in a summer anthem, and I look forward to seeing how it does on release.

‘Your Love Is My Drug’ is released on June 7th. Keep your eyes open for the accompanying video, which was shot on the plains of a Californian desert, and is rumoured to feature elephants, tiger masks, neon paint, and a bearded man! For more information please visit www.keshasparty.com