/K-Cat: Boys Don’t Cry (Video/Single)

K-Cat: Boys Don’t Cry (Video/Single)

With many fans on Youtube already drawing comparisons with the likes of Lady Gaga, there is one new artist who may feel she has a lot to live up to when her new single is released, but I think K-Cat is more than up to the challenge. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is a very catchy, synth driven, electro pop number that will go down well on radio, and in the clubs. The production is as smooth and stylish as the pulsing beats, both of which are layered under a fresh vocal performance. The chorus wasn’t as immediate as the verses, and a little bit too retro, but it’s a good song for summer, and the lyrical story is first class. As for the video, I think girls everywhere will enjoy this.

K-Cat looks stunning in this video, which fits in really well with the story behind the song. Some scenes show her in a black number, complete with interesting face make-up, dancing in a kylie-esque way through the choruses. The verses show her in another fashionable creation singing to two rather nice looking men! It might just be a girl thing, but I found the video quite engaging, and well produced. I think both video and song work well together, and will gain a following when the song is officially released. I’m not really a fan of this style of music, but I think K-Cat could have the potential to add something fresh and interesting to the genre, especially if all her other songs have such well written lyrical stories to them!

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is available to download from February 8th. For more information check out www.myspace.com/kcatworld.

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