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How do you like our music.co.uk gadget fest? We decided to funk things up a bit today, and bring you a rather cool music player, direct from Katrina and The Waves! Who you may ask? well various members of the group are responsible for Britains only recent Eurovision win, with their track ‘Love Shine A Light’, and of course they have written quite possibly one of the best summer anthems ever, which celebrates a milestone birthday this year!
Yes, we are talking about the toe-tapping, infectious, summery delight that is ‘Walking On Sunshine’, which is 25 years old this year! Written by Kimberley Rew, the track was first released in 1985 and hit the top ten in several countries across the globe! It’s appeal in the UK and America has shown no signs of waning either, as it has reached over 2 million plays stateside, and has recently re-entered the UK charts! You may also have heard the song on Film/TV, including Look Who’s Talking (Film), American Idol (TV), High Fidelity (Film), and not forgetting the rather dubious honour (some might say!) of  it being covered by the Glee cast. This along with various appearances on commercials, and of course performances by the band has helped make the song an enduring part of our music culture!
To celebrate it’s 25th Brithday, Katrina and The Waves will be reissuing ‘Walking On Sunshine’, in all it’s new, updated glory, with the song now featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir. This will come out on 24th May, but if you can’t wait until then, have a listen using the player above. This player also include some other classic songs from the band, and a link to their facebook page, where you can find out about other reissues, and what the band are up to. We also have the official web link http://www.katrinaandthewaves.net, and this is where you can buy the song(s) from. Happy Listening everybody, and a big Happy Birthday to ‘Walking On Sunshine’ from music.co.uk!