/Katie Melua: The Flood (Single/Video)

Katie Melua: The Flood (Single/Video)

It seems like a while since we’ve heard anything from Katie Melua, but there has been a hive of activity behind the scenes, as she prepares to unleash her new album called ‘The House’, which has been produced by the legendary William Orbit. The lead single from this album is called The Flood, and we’ve just been sent the video to review, so time to get my reviewers hat on, and check out the song and video!

When it comes to vocals, you kind of know what to expect with Katie Melua, as she is the essence of a consistent, yet unsurprising vocalist. I knew what to expect with the vocals, although the lyrical theme to the song, the music, and the video were certainly different. Lyrical phrases like ‘broken people get recycled’ stand strong in this track, and I think people will relate to the well crafted words in a number of different ways. These words are layered over a very orchestral, slightly haunting melody, which changes pace to create a more dancey vibe half way through. There was a lot of atmosphere to the music, and this fitted well with the unusual video concept. A piano rocking about like a ship, scantily clad men performing with some sticks, and dance routines which hint at a tribal influence all add up to an intriguing video. I’m not sure I completely understand the concept, but it was interesting to watch.

As a lead into Katie’s new album, this hints at a different, slightly mysterious listening experience, and yes despite craving a bit more variety in the vocal arrangements with this single, I’m intrigued to hear what she has come up with in her album.

Check out ‘The Flood’ for yourself from May 17th when it’s available digitally. This will be followed by the album release on May 24th 2010. For more information, please visit www.katiemelua.com.