/Kaci Battaglia: Crazy Possessive (Single)

Kaci Battaglia: Crazy Possessive (Single)

Kaci Battaglia isn’t a name familiar to me, but she may have appeared on quite a few I-Pods, and CD players before now, with UK single releases ‘Paradise’ and ‘I Think I Love You’. This early taste of success and fame was also repeated in her native America, and on the road where she supported a whole host of high profile pop acts. After taking a step back to enjoy her teenage years, she is now back, aged 21, with a brand new single called ‘Crazy Possessive’, a track that packs quite a punch with its ‘hands off my man’ message!

This message is sung out over a slightly distorted electro/pop track, which is quite heavy and synth laden. With this in mind, I wasn’t altogether surprised my review CD came with no less than 9 remixes, all aimed at the club scene. 9 mixes for me, is too many, and I did get a little bored at one point, returning to the original radio edit for further review commentary. All in all, a quite punchy track, with an accessible story, and it’s easy to picture the dance routines that would accompany this. That said, I think the vocal deserves more of a chance to shine, instead of being lost in the music/production. It’s catchy, and will make an impact I’m sure, but to really excite me, I’d need to hear more of the vocal, and less of the remixes. Perhaps a ballad next time round?

‘Crazy Possessive’ by Kaci Battaglia is available now on Warner Bros Records. For more information please visit www.myspace.com/kacibattaglia