/Justin Bieber Late for London Show

Justin Bieber Late for London Show

Justin Bieber may be one of the most popular and famous pop stars across the world but this hasn’t prevented a major backlash against him in the UK. The teen sensation has caused a major stir by emerging for his latest concert two hours late.

The teen singer had been expected to perform at the London o2 Arena at the arranged time but turned up on stage almost two hours late.

Parents were sat waiting outside the venue to pick up their children but the show had not even started when some parents had arrived. Reports have emerged that the Bieber concert in Nottingham was also late.

There was not any announcements within the venue to explain that the event was delayed or any reasoning behind why the event was being delayed.

Justin Bieber did not emerge on stage until 10.20pm, many parents have explained their concern at this when the audience was so young.

Numerous Bieber fans who attended the concert had to leave prior to the singer even performing due to having to catch the last trains of the evening. Some people had paid up to £400 per ticket in order to see the teenager perform.

Reports from inside the venue state that young fans were sat crying for hours due to the delays and many were left distraught due to not being able to see the performance at all.

A technical fault has been blamed due to the lateness, although the venue are yet to confirm this. Justin Bieber is expected to be fined due to the performance being late.