/John Mckeown: Fade Away (Single)

John Mckeown: Fade Away (Single)

thumbs_jmckeown_s01_0084I don’t know what it is about acoustic/folk/guitar music, but the CD’s just keep on flooding in! Up for review today is singer-songwriter John Mckeown, a man who first picked up an instrument aged six. With a wealth of childhood passion, and adult performing experience behind him, he’s all set to release a solo single called ‘Fade Away’.

I’ve heard my fair share of drab, dull, and quite frankly boring acoustic style tracks, but thankfully this isn’t another one to add to the list! What John has as a performer and writer, is the ability to weave several different styles and sounds together, in a subtle, yet very effective way. The guitar melodies are well written, and underpinned by pleasant piano and percussion. It’s an indie/folk triumph, with raw emotion and a story that most people would buy into. I think this track will go down really well, though if I’m honest, I wasn’t quite as captivated by the B-Side. ‘These Are The Times’ has a lovely, melancholy string arrangement, and the same reflective vocal tones John displayed in his other song. That said it’s a bit too gypsy/folk for my tastes, and the chorus needed more lyrics. I’d heard ‘these are the times’, too many times by the end of the song. I don’t think he needs the second song to illustrate his potential, and introduce his solo album; ‘Fade Away’ stands up strongly enough on its own. Look out for this guy; I’m sure he has an interesting and rewarding future ahead of him.

‘Fade Away’ is available from August 31st. John Mckeown showcases at The Pigalle Club in London on September 10th, where he plays alongside Elliot Randall, and London Community Gospel Choir founder Reverend Basil Meade. More information can be found at www.johnmckeown.net.