/Jo Hamilton: Think Of Me (Single Review)

Jo Hamilton: Think Of Me (Single Review)

June 7th sees the brand new release from Jo Hamilton, entitled ‘Think Of Me’. This single release has been preceded by a single/album that attracted the interest/praise of many top media publications, along with several BBC Radio Stations. After winning Best Female, Best Single, and Best Album categories at the Recharged Radio Awards last month, Jo must be hopeful for the release of this single, but what’s it like?

Well ‘Think Of Me’ has quite a sweeping, mellow vibe to it, and starts off quite slowly with a subtle percussive arrangement. The melancholy/reflective vocal and instrumentation build up as the song goes on, and to my mind, provide a stronger more interesting second half of the track. Although the music and vocal is stronger for me in the second half of the track, the lyrics are consistent and flow well the whole way through. They tell a story that many will reflect on and relate to, touching on separation as a principle theme. Overall it’s a good track, and I quite enjoyed listening to it, just not enough for it to stick in my head!

Check out Jo’s song for yourself when it’s released on June 7th via Poseidonmusic (www.poseidonmusic.com) or visit the Jo Hamilton webspace at www.myspace.com/johamiltongown