/JML Disc Clinic: An Ideal Stocking Filler (Review)

JML Disc Clinic: An Ideal Stocking Filler (Review)

DC_09The chances are you’ve all seen a JML product advertised in the media, or adorning shop shelves and brochure pages. They provide a whole host of solutions in the home and wellbeing markets, and although some of these are items that I would never really need, The JML Disc Clinic definitely caught my eye.

Skipping and jumping music/photo/and computer discs are always very frustrating. Sometimes the problem seems to sort itself out, at other times you’re stuck with a disc you just can’t use, which is where the Disc Clinic comes in. This product claims to easily repair scratched, dirty, finger marked discs in less than a minute, but would it work?

I was quite surprised that there were products on the market able to solve this problem, and so had no idea if a repair was actually possible. Luckily I had a CD that was jumping at hand, so I could try the product out and see for myself, and it worked! My CD was repaired through the seemingly simple process of spraying it with their special formula, putting it into the lightweight spinner, and turning the wheel for 30 seconds. Hey presto my CD was like new!

The box comes with an instruction CD, a leaflet full of instructions and safety guidelines, and all you need to start repairing your discs. The product will work for music CD’s, computer/picture discs, and DVD’s, so it’s a great asset to have in the home. The product retails at £9.99 and is available through selected retailers, home shopping catalogues, and the JML website@ www.jmldirect.com.

I was impressed at how quick and easy this product was to use, and I think Mum quite liked it too, as she was next in line with her skipping CD. It really does work, and at a reasonable price, it’ll make a great stocking filler this Christmas!