/JLS to Record New Album

JLS to Record New Album

The X Factor band JLS are set to record a new album, news which is likely to be highly popular with their huge fan base. The band will record the album in a record studio that has been used by numerous different music stars including Take That, George Michael and David Bowie.

The boyband have stated that they are hoping that the success and the magic of these legendary artists will now rub off onto them and that will create an album that is worthy of being ranked amongst the material created by the other music stars.

Meanwhile the band have been completing numerous different gigs, recently completing events at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh and at Ross County Victoria Park located in Dingwall.

Marvin Humes who is a member of JLS revleaed that using the recording studio that has held such major artists has been a great experience and that it has felt like a magic experience, the recording studio is located within West London.

Take That recorded one of their previous albums at the studio and they also recorded part of their video for Band Aid within the studio. Marvin also revealed that there is a great history to the studio and that greats such as George Michael, Phil Collins and David Bowie have all worked there.

It has been revealed that the new album is progressing well and that the band have put down numerous vocals throughout the summer. The album has been recorded during a very busy summer period for the band, they have been working on numerous tracks including She Makes Me Wanna, this will be released on July 24th.

Marvin also mentioned a rather embarrassing incident which has recently happened, it saw him slipping over on the stage at Wembley Stadium in front of 75,000 fans. The pop star Rihanna also had a similar fall, both were due to an incredibly slippy floor at the stadium.