/JLS Perform with Jackson Brothers

JLS Perform with Jackson Brothers

JLS continue to increase in both fame and fortune; the young band have come along way since their appearances on X Factor. As well as having numerous number ones, releasing two albums and having completed a full UK tour the band have now progressed to the next level. JLS have recently performed in a tribute concert for Michael Jackson alongside the Jackson brothers. The members of JLS have revealed that this was like a dream come true and that much of their work is heavily influenced by the Jackson family.

The likely lads were on stage at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff alongside three of the Jackson brother, Marlo, Tito and Jackie. Numerous different songs were performed by JLS and the brothers; the set went down a storm with the audience in Cardiff.

As well as JLS performing at the tribute concert there was numerous other major names from the music business, these included Pixie Lott, Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis. The concert was held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the sell out crowd gathered in order to remember the life of Michael Jackson.

JLS performed some of the well known Jackson hits alongside the three brothers on stage, something that was very well received by the audience. The JLS boys are keen for this not to be a one off performance and it has been revealed that there could be potential plans for the Jackson brothers and JLS to work together in the future.

Ortise from JLS revealed that the Jackson legends take performing incredibly seriously and that they are not afraid to give out orders. He stated that the Jackson brothers focus on perfection and this is why they are the biggest and best band of music history.

Marlon Jackson taught the JLS boys a few dance moves and it is believed that Jackie Jackson wanted to hear more of the harmonies from the band.

There had been a disagreement within the Jackson family regarding the timing for the Michael Jackson tribute concert; at present there is an ongoing trial in relation to the personal doctor of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray. The trial is investigating the death of Michael Jackson and attempting to establish whether anybody is to blame.

Despite this trial currently occurring there was numerous members from the Jackson family present, these included the mother of the family Katherine, the sister Lay Toya and Michael’s three children Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris.