/JLS Hoping to go Worldwide

JLS Hoping to go Worldwide

The boy band JLS have had tremendous success every since being signed by a record label. The band caught the eyes of the general public on the popular X Factor show and despite not winning they were quickly signed up. Every since signing to a record label the boys have had numerous hits and are now hoping to take their music to a wider level. They now hope to stretch their recognition from the UK to the rest of the world.

Just recently the boys have completed a sell out tour throughout the UK and they have stated that they hope their next tour will go to several different countries.

They believe in order to reach world wide markets they need to work with another popular artist that has already gained the recognition of world music markets. They have set their sights high and are hoping to work with Rihanna. The boys have written a song that they hope will tempt the artist to working with them. The song is all about a break up and there are negotiations currently happening to see if the artist is interested in working with JLS.

The boys have plenty of other things that have been used in order to boost both their popularity and their income. An autobiography has been released giving details about their lives and how they formed as a band. Throughout the book they discuss the journey that they have gone on and how fame has impacted upon their lives. The band have also recently created a film that will be released soon, this is likely to be a popular hit with all of their fans as it will show a different side of the boys.

Numerous major brands have recognised the power of the band and therefore they have completed numerous marketing campaigns. These companies include Nintendo, the boys were seen on TV advertising the Nintendo DS. Durex also signed up the boys in order to create their own brand of condoms.

The band are currently working on their new album that is expected for release soon.