/JLS – New Album

JLS – New Album

Popular band JLS have released the details for their up and coming album; the official track list has now been made public. JLS shot to fame following their involvement in the UK X Factor television show. Whilst they did not win the show they were quickly singed up by a record label and they were offered numerous different options. The success of the band has been phenomenal and they have recently completed a UK tour that was a total sell out.

The bands third opus will be released in the UK on November 14th and it offer twelve tracks; the album has been named Jukebox by the band. This album has been eagerly awaited by many of the bands fans and it promises to be just as successful as the previous albums released by the band. JLS have recently focused on collaborations with other artists and they hope that this will help to open up their appeal to a wider fan base.

The new album will be fronted with the number one summer hit She Makes Me Wanna; this follows on from the collaboration theme and features US Female artist Dev. The new single Take A Chance On Me is also featured on the album, as is Teach Me How TO Dance and Go Harder.

New material that is on the album will be showcased on the up and coming UK tour of JLS; this will start on March 13th 2012 in Liverpool. The demand for tickets was so high for the tour that they have had to add numerous other dates. In many cases tickets sold out instantly for certain gigs.

A full breakdown of the track listings is below:

1. ‘She Makes Me Wanna’
2. ‘Do You Feel What I Feel’
3. ‘Teach Me How To Dance’
4. ‘Take A Chance On Me’
5. ‘Go Harder’
6. ‘So Many Girls’
7. ‘3D’
8. ‘Take You Down’
9. ‘Innocence’
10. ‘Killed By Love’
11. ‘Never Gonna Stop’
12. ‘Shy Of The Cool’