/Jessie J Delays UK Tour

Jessie J Delays UK Tour

Jessie J has disappointed thousands of music fans by revealing that she will be delaying her 2013 UK music tour. Speaking out as to why it was cancelled the singer revealed that she wanted the show to be bigger and better than originally planned.

The singer has stated that art cannot be rushed and has therefore requested that fans are patient ahead of the tour being rearranged.

Jessie J recently announced that the seventeen date UK tour that had been planned for March 2013 has been moved to October 2013. This will now allow the artist to spend further time on focusing on the second studio album that the singer is currently producing.

The management of the singer stated that Jessie could have completed the tour before the album being released but the fans would then not know the songs that are featured on it. Jessie J has stated that she is personally responsible for moving the tour and stated that it was purely her decision.

Delays to producing the new album have been caused due to Jessie now filming the new series of the BBC music show, The Voice. The singer is one of four judges on the music talent show that has become major competition for the X Factor.

The singer is current working on her second album which will follow the debut album released in 2011, Who You Are. Jessie has spent time California writing and recording the new album.