/Jessie J 2012 Album Release

Jessie J 2012 Album Release

Jessie J continues to be a major success throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Her different kind of music has attracted her many fans and she has now become a major artist. Music experts are suggested that her success will continue to grow within the UK and she has stated that she will focus her efforts here for the considerable future.

Music star Jessie J has also revealed that she wishes to collaborate with Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding and Adele in the future. If Jessie J was able to secure any of these collaborations it would be fantastic for her music career.

The star is currently working on her follow up album to her album that was released in 2011. Speaking about the album the music star stated she has a long list of people that she wishes to work with in the future.

Jessie J will join a long line of people that wish to work with Adele, who has seen major success in recent times. Tinie Tempah another individual that was named has also been majorly successful recently.

It remains to be seen who the artist will actually work with on her new album but many of her fans are eagerly awaiting the album release.