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iPod Music – Top 5

Everytime there’s a song on an ad for iPod, I instantly like it. It gets stuck in my head for days and days, and I find myself singing it without even really knowing longer than 30 seconds of it. The band becomes huge (probably because of this phenomenon), and the song is instantly in the top 40.

Is this the power of the iPod? Or are Apple just extremely good at picking out the next big thing?

One theory stipulates that perhaps we’re all robots that are incredibly influenced by advertising. Of course we are. It’s built into our heads, its here to make us buy stuff. Apple have been rather clever, in this theory. You hear the song and think ‘Yeah! I’m going to download that!’, so you go do such a thing, and listen to it on your computer. Then suddenly, bam! Oh no, you can’t listen to it anywhere but on your computer. Oh, hello, that song was on an iPod ad. Might as well buy an iPod!

Very very clever, Apple. Unfortunately your theory didn’t work on me. My parents bought me a Zen player several years ago when I graduated from highschool, and i’ve had it ever since.

In the case of not being brainwashed, Apple do deserve a high-five. The music they’ve picked has been so consistently good, and from a wide range of styles too. You’ve got bands from The Propellerheads, The Black Eyed Peas, The Vines, Daft Punk, to Bob Dylan. It’s such a diverse spread which definitely symbolises how and to who iPod is selling their products.

So here’s a quick list of the five best songs iPod have used on their ads:

Hey Mama – Black Eyed Peas

I don’t listen to the Black Eyed Peas. I had my dash with them when I was much longer and Miss Fergie wasn’t running the show. However, this song is really decent for a pop song and was stuck in my head for weeks. I wanted to dance every time it came on, and I found it rather insatiable. When the ad was over, I wanted to hear more! Unfortunately, I don’t actually remember which product the ad was selling at the time.

Ride – The Vines

This Aussie band was relatively unknown to the American public at the time this song came out. The song was great to pump in your car, and even became my Mum’s ringtone for quite some time afterwards. However, this song propelled The Vines to another level in an American audience and even gained them another world tour with a lot more tickets being sold.

1, 2, 3, 4 – Feist

Feist’s husky voice echoing through this song made me so happy. I started to adore the song, and soon bought the album, just through hearing snippets of this song on an iPod advert. After this, Feist was also propelled to epic proportions on an international stage – she even gained a gig on Sesame Street with this song, which I believe is the best gig of all.

Music is my Hot Hot Sex – CSS

Bravo iPod! This song made me crave to listen to music all day long, and was a clever advertising technique. The band was already quite well known for their infectious pop funk attitude, but this song on the ad gave them a whole hunk more of airplay. The song became a popular quote on networking websites like facebook, and always popped up on my friend’s status on msn.

No, You Girls – Franz Ferdinand

This is the latest iPod ad, and possibly the best yet. The song is executed well in time with the ad, encouraging you to play games on your new iPod touch, as well as listening to good music. Through hearing this song, I actually bought the album; the band have gained a great deal of attention awarding them kudos for creating another great pop song.

So it just goes to show, either Apple are incredible at their music research and predicting the future of pop music – or they’re fantastic at advertising and knows at works.