/Interview With Lizzie B

Interview With Lizzie B

Singer, Songwriter,  and DJ Lizzie BWhen it comes to multi-tasking, Lizzie B must be something of an expert. The Essex based singer-songwriter not only performs across the South East, but also hosts gigs, and presents two radio shows on Saint Fm (Essex) and Radio Seagull (North Sea/Netherlands). Music.co.uk decided it was time we found out how she feels about all her musical experiences.

Do you remember what first drew you to pick up a guitar?

“I have always been a fan of acoustic music, and love the sound of guitar, but mostly I wanted to be able to accompany myself singing, and thought that the guitar would suit me the best!” 

Are there other instruments you’d like to play?

“Sure, I ‘use’ the piano whilst composing sometimes, but would love to learn play it properly, along with too many other instruments to mention! I would love to learn the Saxophone.”

What has your experience been like on the live circuit? 

“Mostly my experiences have been positive; I always research before accepting / booking gigs to make sure they are right for me and my music. In general everyone has been great, positive, and supportive. My introduction to the ‘Local Circuit’ was at C.A.S.Y.S (Come And Sing Your Songs) night at the ‘Oldest Inn’ in Essex – St Anne’s Castle. A fantastic Atmosphere and amazing sound, it encouraged me to get out there! Essex has a thriving music scene and there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and perform, there are also some superb open mic nights.”

Are there any especially memorable gigs/venues you’ve been too?

“I have been fortunate to be involved in live music, in many ways, at many venues. One of my first ‘interesting experiences’ was performing in Asda, where people were crashing into things with their shopping trolleys in amazement, when they saw and heard me! In terms of gigs I’ve been too, the most memorable were Pink Floyd’ at Earls Court and ‘Queen’ at Knebworth Park.”

If you could give an award to anyone in the music industry, who would it be, and what would the award be for? 

“It takes many people to make music work locally, before Record Labels are involved etc. So my vote/s would go to promoters of independent music, and radio DJs who put together their own showcases of unsigned music.”

What musical ambitions do you have for 2009?

“This year I am concentrating on recording a new album, and I’m looking forward to working on new projects with a few other songwriters.”

How did you get involved in community/internet radio, any tips for others who’d like to volunteer too?

“I was approached by a colleague who informed me of a Local Community Radio Station, and he suggested that I deliver a program involving Local Music. Through that I met another DJ who thought my programme would complement the schedule at another radio Station. Both stations are on am/fm airwaves and online. My tip would be to make sure you have the time before committing to a project, it takes many more hours in prep, than ‘on air time’.”

Your radio shows are primarily about unsigned/new talent, are there any gems you’ve discovered?

“Many! I send some of those gems to the production teams at both stations, which then include them on other programmes.”

Do you think enough is done to promote unsigned talent in the media?

“Yes and no. There are some ‘unsigned competitions’ on TV, but mostly on the internet, which is difficult to get support for, even if you have a large fan base! Personally I think there should be more showcases (like my radio programmes) but if you look around you will find that most are run/produced by musicians, who are still working at their day jobs.”

How can people get involved in your shows?

“Get in contact with me, with a direct link to your music! I will listen to it. Some music may not be suitable, but I will reply! Contact me through www.myspace.com/lizziebmusic

You have some experience of hosting events, and radio, do you hope to build upon this, and/or experience any other areas of the music industry?

“Yes, I would love to, but I have to be realistic as a lot of these positions are voluntary. But I have some valuable experience now that will help. I will keep organising/ hosting events to showcase new music. But mostly, I must make time for my own music, which sometimes gets put on hold!”

Many people have memories of the first song they bought, or special songs they associate with certain things, are there any memories you have of songs?

“Well one of the first songs I bought was ‘Somebody’s watching me’ by Rockwell; it has nothing to do with the music I make! But I still like it!  There are loads of songs with memories! There is a song called ‘Abracadabra’ by The Steve Miller Band; it reminds me of the good ole days of riding ‘The Octopus’ when fairground rides were 50p!”

How would you describe your music to someone who’d never heard of you before? Is it just original songs or cover versions as well?

“I would say my music is mellow and chilled. I don’t want to pigeon-hole my music, but it’s a little folk, a little country, a little bluesy, with Strong vocals and lyrics to hum along to.  I gig solo at the moment, and sometimes include covers in my set, depending on the gig.  You might hear my version of an ‘Eva Cassidy’ song.”


Don’t forget if you want to get involved in Lizzie B’s radio shows then get in touch. Visit her on myspace at www.myspace.com/lizziebmusic and take some time out to listen to her soft and soulful acoustic tracks as well.