/Illegal Music Downloads Shut Down

Illegal Music Downloads Shut Down

Illegal music downloads have been present within the UK music industry for years and there has of late been an increasing problem. Many people have flaunted the opportunities to receive music for free meaning that the artists do not get their royalties.

A clamp down on illegal sites has now begun and it is not only the site owners who are being punished, those who are found to have illegally downloaded will also be likely to face charges.

The UK music site RnBXclusive.com has recently been shut down by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, just showing how serious this matter is being taken.

An official takedown message is now on the site warning visitors that if they have previously downloaded music from the website they could face up to ten years in prison and an unlimited fine.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency have suggested that the site had stolen music from artists in order to distribute it unlawfully, this could seriously impact the possibly future of promising artists.

Numerous other music websites that are offering music downloads on an illegal basis have now shut down as they realise that they may be next in line.

A major crack down on illegal downloads has now commenced.