/Ignition: Take Me There (Single)

Ignition: Take Me There (Single)

Ignition are an indie rock band who hail from Northern Ireland, and after putting in the hard graft, now sell out venues, and command a loyal fanbase in their home country.  This, along with a selection of local and national radio plays, and a TV appearance means they arrive in the UK, accompanied by a certain amount of hype, but is this something they will live up to as they release their new single, ‘Take Me There’? Only one way to find out!?!

The video begins with a old fashioned countdown clock, which fades away to reveal the three piece band playing in a derelict warehouse space. It’s empty, industrial, and with moonlight streaming through broken windows, very atmospheric. Atmospheric is one key buzz word I would use to describe this bands blend of indie/rock, and as the video progresses, the camera shots/trickery, and performance shots of the band, blend in very well with the style of the song. ‘Take Me There’ is an interesting mix of acoustic and electric guitar, along with drums, layered over which is the nice vocal tones from lead singer Martin. Aside from the odd random shot of a cow, and the band animated which I didn’t really understand, the video delivered, as did the song. I think it’s too early to tell whether they will live up to the hype and success they’ve had in Northern Ireland, but I enjoyed listening to their single, and would certainly like to hear more.

Ignition release their single ‘Take Me There’ on May 31st. For more information please visit http://ignitiononline.net/