/Six hurt in Mobo aftershow brawl in Liverpool

Six hurt in Mobo aftershow brawl in Liverpool

Six people were hurt when violence broke out at the official Mobo awards aftershow party in Liverpool. The event which was being held at the Hilton hotel was shut down by Merseyside Police in the early hours of Thursday. The event was shut down by the police after several gatecrashers gained entry. A disturbance broke out and emergency services were called by worried revellers just after midnight.  There were six people injured at the event, these were treated for head, face and eye injuries. There were no complaints ledged to the police surrounding any cases of assault. A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said, “The party in Hilton Hotel following the Mobo Awards became overcrowded and there was a disturbance. We utilised our licensing powers to close the bars in the hotel at about 1am”. A gent aged 30 was treated by paramedics after he was knocked unconscious. A woman aged 20 was also treated after she was glassed in the head.

They were to Royal Liverpool Hospital, along with another man, aged 30, who had fallen.  There were numerous other people who suffered from injuries, three other men who suffered glass and facial injuries refused to go to the hospital according to the North Wet Ambulance Service. It is now understood that the police will speak to the hotel staff and the event organisers to establish whether they received any complaints about the incidents.