/Hudson Mohawke: Joy Fantastic (Video)

Hudson Mohawke: Joy Fantastic (Video)

When it comes to an artist like Hudson Mohawke, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Suffice it to say he is certainly a unique artist, as illustrated by the video to ‘Joy Fantastic’, one of the most popular tracks on his album. This track is released to coincide with his debut headline tour called ‘Pegasus Rising’, and if it’s anything to go by, the live experience will certainly be colourful!

The song itself is a mix of club/dance beats, rap, and perhaps a hint of ragga/reggae thrown in for good measure. There’s also a hint of retro in the high pitched phrasing of ‘Joy Fantastic’, so there’s quite a mix of flavours in the song. It’s not something I would normally listen to, but I can see how this would work live or in the club scene. The video is something to behold too. There’s some psychedelic hairstyles, Afro-Caribbean fancy dress, an island suspended in the air which all the extras, and vocalist Olivier Daysoul are dancing on, retro animations, and the final scene where the head of an animal rises from the centre of the island. Again there is quite a lot going on, and I’m not sure that it all came together as well as the song did. Interesting viewing though, and as an introduction to his first tour, I think this will serve well.

The video is available to view above, or you can visit http://warp.net/records/hudson-mohawke to find out more!