/Heypenny – Copcar single review

Heypenny – Copcar single review

How can you go wrong with fun, upbeat pop, that makes you want to dance? Ok I know that happy chart friendly tracks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, to be honest it’s far from my comfort zone, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with ‘Copcar’ the first time it graced my unsuspecting ears.

heypenny_color1The three from Nashville, Tennessee, have produced a quirky track that’s full of character. It’s catchy and hits all the right spots. The key to the song is in it’s simplicity. The straightforward drum pattern, rolling bass and catchy vocals, make for interesting listening, and more importantly form a track that feels highly original. Heypenny will be looking to win over UK fans with the release, and it doesn’t seem like they will have much of a problem. The single is the lead track of a 4-track EP, on sale now from the band’s website. It’s released in the form of a 12 page colouring book based on the Video for ‘Copcar’. The group are obviously out to have fun and make enjoyable music, so pop over to the band’s myspace page: www.myspace.com/heypenny or simply check out the video for ‘Copcar’ by following the link below. A great video, epitomising what independant music is all about; creating great interesting ideas on a minimal budget.