/Headphonies Will Speak Volumes This Christmas!(Review)

Headphonies Will Speak Volumes This Christmas!(Review)

The HP Man Headphonie

When it comes to music, we want it to sound the best, but to be honest that’s not always been possible when it comes to the sound coming from I-Pod/MP3, Mobile Phone, or Computer Speakers. Luckily help is at hand this Christmas in the shape of a brand new product, that might just top this year’s novelty, or audio accessories chart.

The Headphonies range consists of 6 general release, and two limited edition Speakers, all 3 inches tall, and all designed to look like cute/cult figures. Each figure comes packaged with its own USB power cord, lanyard, and power cable. Everything you need to experience the full Headphonies experience, but how will the product measure up? Time for a review!

The product I have been sent to try is the HP Man limited edition model, which retails at £24.99, and is available online at www.headphonies.co.uk. I have to admit I was entranced by the design as soon as it arrived, and was quite eager to see how it worked. It didn’t disappoint. The cute design of the Headphonies would attract my attention on any shop shelf, and HP Man is very cute, in a fearsome kind of way.

It’s a lightweight, sturdy, and very portable Speaker, and it’s very easy to operate and charge, though it comes with


good instructions too. I did a comparison test with a pair of bog-standard audio speakers, connecting both to my Mp3 player, and was impressed at the difference. The Headphonie gives out a much better quality and clarity of sound than the average Speaker, and I was quite happy to chill out and listen to my music on that. It definitely offers a good alternative to a full on stereo experience, has very reasonably priced replacement parts, and it just proves the point that ‘all the best things come in small packages’. I would have no qualms about buying or recommending Headphonies to anyone! I’m glad I got the opportunity to check out ‘Headphonies’ and will enjoy using mine for many years to come.

Headphonies are available from www.headphonies.co.uk, and selected HMV stores. Retailing price either £24.99 for the limited edition online only model, or £19.99 for the general release model.