/Happy Birthday Ronnie Scott’s!

Happy Birthday Ronnie Scott’s!

When you think of true legends in the music world, how many of you think of music venues? Probably not many, well it’s about time that changed, so join with me as I wish the legendary Ronnie Scott’s a very happy 50th Birthday.

Ronnie Scott’s was a dream come true for Ronnie Scott and Peter King when it opened in 1959, and it’s now one of the oldest and most famous Jazz Clubs in the world. Anyone who’s even been through its doors will know its reputation for showcasing some of the finest musical talent in the world. For those who haven’t visited yet, their list of performers reads like a who’s who of the Jazz world. Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Beck, Jamie Cullum, Dizzy Gillespie, and Michael Buble have all taken to the stage here.

As club owner Sally Greene says, celebrating the 50th anniversary is a landmark for all the amazing talent who’ve played at Ronnie’s. We hope to continue shining a light on more youthful players and to bring the best performers from the jazz world to our stage for many years to come.”

But for now it’s all about the present, and all the team at Ronnie Scott’s will be doing more than just blowing out the candles on a birthday cake to celebrate their 50th.

There are a whole host of special events scheduled throughout the year, including special performances, outdoor concerts, a photo/art exhibition, and a link up with the British Film Institute for ‘Jazz In Film and T.V Season’. All this and more will ensure that Ronnie Scott’s and all who visit, have an exciting birthday year!

For more information on Ronnie Scott’s, its 50th Birthday, and other events happening at the club, please visit www.ronniescotts.co.uk