/All Hail The Vuvuzela!

All Hail The Vuvuzela!

The Vuvuzela

It’s loud, it’s proud, and it’s the noise making instrument of choice for South African football fans! You may not have heard the name, but the chances are you’ll be hearing plenty of blasts from the Vuvuzela horns during the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa.

The Vuvuzela orginated in South Africa in the 1990’s, and became a firm favourite with football fans from the country. It was originally made of tin, but now it’s made of plastic and is adorned with the colours of the rainbow nation. This innocent looking horn can be controversial however, as the lung/lip action used to play it emits a pretty powerful sound; think fog horn or elephant and you won’t be far off the mark! Some have said that this horn can be distracting to coaches and players, but FIFA obviously don’t share that opinion, as they are allowing the ‘boogie blasting’ mouthpieces into stadiums for the world cup. It seems that the craze will live on during World Cup 2010 at least, and it won’t just be South Africans blowing their horns either, the English have joined in the craze with, it seems, a little help from a music act named Pig Bag.

Fire Records in London have a reputation for re-introducing songs of the past, and I think it’s safe to say they have come up trumps with their forthcoming release from Pig Bag. Their track ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ originally hit number 3 in the UK Pop charts, and will now be re-released as a Remix EP. The link to football and the Vuvuzela? Well the track is already a favourite at football matches and has been cheekily retitled ‘Fabios Got A Brand New Vuvuzela’ for the World Cup. Not only that, but the EP (to be released on vinyl) features a Vuvuzela remix which features the sounds of the famous trumpet!

They might be a bit loud, but the Vuvuzela’s are an important football symbol, and what’s better than watching a match and making a bit of noise!? So if you’ve got one of these horns, get ready to blow them nice and loud and support your country (Come On England!)

Pig Bag’s ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ is released on July 5th. For more information please visit www.firerecords.com or click here for more information about the Vuvuzela!