/Hackney Weekend 2012

Hackney Weekend 2012

The UK music festival season is now kicking off and music fans from across the UK will storm to numerous locations in the coming weeks to see popular artists play.

Over a hundred thousand people will travel to Hackney in London this weekend for the mini music festival that is being hosted by the BBC. This event will be the biggest ever free music event to be held in the UK and artists from across the world will be performing.

During the weekend there will be over one hundred acts performing on six different stages. Those that were lucky enough to secure tickets will see numerous acts including Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Plan B and Jessie J.

The music festival will be held over this weekend and people gathered in the early hours of today in order to secure a good position.

One of the biggest acts of the festival, Jay Z, will open the event today and Rihanna will be the headlining act tomorrow. Other popular acts that wil surface during the weekend include Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Jack White, Labrinth and Kasabian.

The free music festival forms part of the London 2012 festival and will be complete with extra tight security. Over 1,200 people will be working over the weekend to ensure that the music festival goes to plan.

It is expected that the Hackney Weekend will receive even more media attention than usual as it fills the gap for Glastonbury which is missing this year. For thos people that missed out on the free tickets the festival will broadcast on BBC Three and Radio 1.