/Groove Armada: Look Me In The Eye Sister (Single)

Groove Armada: Look Me In The Eye Sister (Single)

Groove Armada will be a name familiar to many, especially those into the club scene, and in their career to-date they have worked with a diverse array of music stars. For their latest single release though, they are flying solo, with a radio edit, and 5 remixes of their track ‘Look Me In The Eye Sister’.

As an act that produces a lot of experimental, dance, trance, synth, and electronica music, I was expecting this track to be very dance orientated, though from first impressions I’d say the radio edit was crossing over into the indie arena too. It’s well written and produced, ambient, and a little bit rocky too. There’s not many lyrics, but they fit in with the song well, and are layered over some interesting electronica ground The band then move into what I would say is more familiar territory with their remixes, the first of which, the Urchins Remix, I would earmark as a big club hit, thanks to its pulsing beats, and good variation of pace/tone. The Audio Jack mix, at over 8 minutes long also stood out, not only for its length, but its slight quirkiness, and rhythmic beats that I think would have cross-country appeal. Also on the CD was an album version of the track, an instrumental, and a Morten Sorensen Remix. I don’t normally listen to a lot of dance music, but enjoyed this more than expected, and although the group have had mixed successes in the charts, I think this track should build up a following for them.

‘Look Me In The Eye Sister’ is available now.