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Glastonbury Teasers

One of the biggest festivals in the U.K calendar is literally days away, which means there is all sorts of information flying around about what to expect from Glastonbury 2009. Two stories that have landed on my desk, mention Glastonbury’s association with Oxfam, and the rather unique Shangri La Field.

Oxfam’s presence at the festival is bigger, better, and more exciting than ever, as they introduce the ‘DIY Makeover Marquees’ These marquees will be in the capable hands of stylist to the stars Mrs Jones, who will host several themed workshops throughout the event, including ‘Prepare For The Festival’ and ‘Big Glam’, helping festival goers to achieve some unique looks. Along with the workshops and the Oxfam DIY Tent, there’s also a ‘Be The Band Marquee’ which gives you the opportunity to be made over into your favourite band or singer, have a mini photo shoot, and keep your chosen outfit as well. Everybody knows there’s more to a charity shop than meets the eye, so make sure you pop down to the Oxfam Tents and have some fun. If you’re there from 7pm each day you’ll also be treated to exclusive acoustic performances from some of the bands appearing at the festival. Oh and one last thing, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the Oxfam DIY cameraman who’ll be at the festival getting footage for a DIY Fashion documentary. For more information on Oxfam’s DIY Fashion Campaign, and Mrs Jones’ attempts to revamp Oxfam’s Camden Store, visit www.oxfam.org/diy

Now to be honest, I find the above story interesting, and easy to relate to, but when details of Glastonbury’s Shangri La Field arrived in my inbox, I wasn’t quite sure what to say. What I have in front of me are several pages of pr hype that effortlessly spin out phrases such as ‘retro futuristic’, ‘secret satin dens’, ‘seedy dark alleys’, and ‘myriad nano states’.  They are trying to promote themselves as sexy, dirty, relbellious, and hedonistic. The result is a mini village/entertainment zone offering up a variety of arts and entertainment. There’s Phil’s Deluxe Diner, which comes complete with Michelin starred chefs, world famous cocktail mixologists, and reknowned DJ’s. Also on-site is Slumbarave, a hotel themed space with a Jacuzzi lounge, The Snake Pit late night club and exotic cabaret area, and Club Dada. This club is well known on the festival circuit, and will host a variety of acts throughout Glastonbury. The line-up includes 17 piece Gypsy band The Destroyers, Hip Hop  band Lazy Habit, the soulful Kim Lone and Ruth Theodore, and World Beat DJ Jamie Renton. It sounds like the place to be for an eclectic party, but of course Glastonbury isn’t just about one field or organisation. To find out about all the other activities, bands, arts spaces, and organisations involved in the 2009 event, visit www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk