/Girls Aloud to Reunite?

Girls Aloud to Reunite?

It had been suggested that the girl band Girls Aloud had split forever, although there are now rumours circulating which suggest that the band will reform. The band decided to have a break in order to concentrate on personal interests. Whilst as a group they never stated they would not get back together individual members of the band hinted that they would not reform.

The band was one of the first success of a reality television show where bands were formed, the television show Pop Stars The Rivals created Girls Aloud. A modern day equivalent of the show would be X Factor. Of course the most popular and well known member of the band Cheryl Cole had until recently appeared as a judge on the X Factor television show. Rumours grew stronger when it was revealed that Cole would no longer be a judge on the new US version of the show.

Many of the fans of the band believed that it was band member Nadine Coyle who had caused the band to go their own ways. Coyle had become increasingly distracted and decided that she wished to move to the United States in order to focus her attention on other projects.

Despite this, it is actually Nadine Coyle that has announced that the band will reunite in 2012. The Girls Aloud band member informed radio host Dean Kelly that plans had begun for the band to reform.

Nadine had been desperate to break from the band in order to move to the United States to pursue a solo career in particular. This choice by Coyle was one which backfired as her solo material was not successful in the slightest and instead she has turned her hand to business projects such as property development.

Band members Nadine, Cheryl, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola will join together in 2012, although in what capacity has yet to be announced. Cheryl Cole stated that she would like the band back together but now for a permanent amount of time, this therefore suggests that the group may reform for a temporary period.

When they do join together in 2012 it will be the tenth anniversary of the group and therefore some sort of tour is expected. Rumours suggesting new material will be produced are being debunked by many industry insiders.