/Gil Featuring NY: Born Yesterday

Gil Featuring NY: Born Yesterday

Gil burst into music.co.uk HQ earlier this year with the track ‘Gotta Be A Way’ featuring Bluey Robinson. This was a song that stood out both for its first class vocals on the plus side, and the slightly awkward production/instrumental bursts on the negative. It was a good track though, so expectation was high when Gil’s new single arrived in the post, and I was eager to hear what he had come up with this time around.

For his summer release, the London based producer has turned to female grime singer NY to provide the vocals, and add a touch of soul to the track. The vocal does deliver when it comes to summery soul, and it is consistent, but it lacks that extra sparkle, needing more attitude/punch when delivering some of the words. The production is a lot slicker this time round though, and there’s a good balance in the mix between the urban beats and brass arrangements, and the end result feels very chilled and natural. It would definitely be interesting to hear this track live, and although I wasn’t quite as keen on the remixes, both these and the original edits are accessible, radio friendly, and could go down well come release date.

Gil releases ‘Born Yesterday’ on June 21st 2010. For more information visit www.myspace.com/soundsofgil.